Make It on to Miranda Lambert’s “Nice” List This Holiday Season!


Miranda Lambert may seem tough as nails on the exterior, but winning her over is really not as difficult as one may think. In fact, Miranda is rather tenderhearted and divulged the key to her heart on her Instagram on Thanksgiving.

While her mother is currently holding that key, as pointed out by the caption on the photo that reads “Nothing beats a handwritten note from mom,” what surrounds the note gives fans a little bit of insight as to how they can make it on to Miranda’s “nice” list this holiday season.


Nothing beats a handwritten note from Mom. #homesweethome #cheetosandwine

That’s right, fans. If you are headed out to see Miranda, especially if you have a coveted meet and greet pass, bring along a bag of Cheetos and you will get the cheesiest (pun intended) grin in your photo!

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    Richard brown

    You have very beautiful eyes.

      Jenny Barksdale

      You are a very talented beautiful country bumpkin!!!love your music and you will have great
      Things come to you in your life!! Proud of you for saying nothing negative about Blake as you
      are very true to yourself!! Love your Mom and mother’s are the best!!!!

    Cindy Jones

    I lost my daughter in 2012 I am raising my three grandson an I have a son. So I have had no time with my husband or myself to do anything. It so hard for us he the only one working. All my boys have ADHD my son is type 1 an one of my twins have high blood pressure. I would love to make your list I love all your music.

    Joyce Leonard

    Miranda you are the BEST Female Country Music singer.I am always so excited to see what outfit you are wearing on the Awards shows. You are a Beautiful Lady. Stay true to yourself. Im sure you make your Momma so proud,

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