Is There “Bad Blood” Between Miranda Lambert and Taylor Swift?


If the tabloids are to be believed this week, there’s some “Bad Blood” between Miranda Lambert and Taylor Swift. However, the gossip debunkers over at Gossip Cop say that it’s a “complete lie.”

According to OK! Magazine, the “Platinum” pair can’t stand each other and would’ve preferred NOT to duet at Swift’s North Carolina concert last month. Based on what the mag said, when Miranda sang “You can’t ride in my little red wagon” alongside Swift, she meant it and only appeared on the 1989 stage to repair her image for her rep’s sake. “[Her management has] been in overdrive since her divorce and the backlash over rumors that she cheated,” the source said. “Who better to place her with than America’s golden girl, Taylor Swift? Miranda’s had to do a bunch of stuff she wouldn’t normally do for the sake of repairing her image. That includes taking the stage with Taylor.”

However, according to Gossip Cop, these rumors of “Something Bad” between Ran and Tay-Tay couldn’t be further from the truth. “We’re assured that Swift and Lambert are on very friendly terms. If there were any truth to this story, Lambert would have never made a surprise appearance at Swift’s show, and the “Shake It Off” singer wouldn’t have invited her in the first place. The tabloid’s story is utter fiction, and, we’re told, a ‘complete lie.'”

While we don’t think Miranda and Taylor are actually feuding, we can think of one person who may be happy if that was the case….


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