Miranda Lambert performs and wins at the CMA Awards (watch)

Miranda Lambert put on a happy face, sported some some pink highlights, and took the CMA Awards red carpet by storm tonight before performing her current single Bathroom Sink. Check it out. It’s not a very good video, but I’ll put a better one up once I find one.


To top off the evening, Miranda won her sixth CMA Female Vocalist of the Year award.

That’s six in a row. Amazing!


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  1. kellie2012@msn.com'

    Awesome performance & song. Met solo writes are always so strong.

  2. kellie2012@msn.com'

    I meant her solo writes.

  3. diamond.countrygirl@yahoo.com'

    I’m very proud of Miranda tonight. She looked great and did a wonderful job with her song. So many Blake fans hating on her..Blake seems to have Nashville eating out of his hands with his larger than any other attitude.

  4. yeehaalaura@yahoo.com'

    I don’t think it helps either one of them move forward with their lives when the media and gossip magazines keep bringing up their divorce and starting rumors. Miranda and Blake are both awesome artist and I wish them both well.

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