Miranda Lambert gets ready for her birthday with a big unicorn

Miranda and the Unicorn
Miranda and her magical unicorn – photo via Miranda’s Facebook

32 years ago today a star was born. Happy birthday to Miranda Lambert.

And how did Miranda get ready for the big day you ask?

Why, with a big unicorn. How else would you celebrate turning 32?

That smile makes me smile. Love this lady.

Never too old to ride a unicorn…?And thank God for friends that spend the day with you painting your pony! #32tomorrow #bday #unicornsarereal #sophie #gypsyvanner #glitter #reallifelisafrank

Posted by Miranda Lambert on Monday, November 9, 2015


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  1. janetnave@gmail.com'
    janet nave

    She is a sweet vulnerable lady. She needs to find a non singer performer.

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