Luke Bryan’s reaction to being asked about Blake and Gwen is funny as hell

Luke Bryan reaction gif
Luke Bryan: Say what?

Last night on the CMA Awards red carpet, E! News decided to ask Luke Bryan about Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani dating.

His reaction? Priceless.

Luke’s reaction is pretty much how I expect everyone’s Aunt Edith, who is a huge fan of “The Voice” but doesn’t follow celebrity gossip, to react.

On a side note, I cannot for the life of me stop writing Gwen Sebastian instead of Gwen Stefani. Ugh. I imagine at some point I’ll be called an idiot for mixing the two up. I can totally see it coming.

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    Sounds like a dig on Miranda, LUKE! Not cool.


    Not nice to kick Miranda like that LUKE….We will remember you for your words.Yes you did say a woman like that, could have been another way, but with Blake being King of Nashville, I think you was kicking Miranda pretty hard….What is your reasoning!!!

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