My night with an Aussie, some Brits, and Little Big Town: A review


On Friday, November 13, I was lucky enough to catch Little Big Town’s Painkiller Tour when it stopped in Boise, ID. I’d never been to one of their shows so I was pretty excited to be going. My husband isn’t a fan of much of today’s country, but is a big fan of Little Big Town – mainly because he likes to sing all goofy during the motorboatin’ part of their song Pontoon – so he volunteered to go with me, which was nice because we actually got to be all grown up and have a date night.

Thanks Little Big Town!

My husband’s a bit obsessive about not being late so we got to Taco Bell Arena approximately four hours early (or one hour, but who’s counting?). I spent most of my time waiting for the show to begin by trying to figure out how to tweet specific people from my phone, something I apparently never do because I couldn’t for the life of me figure it out. I’m a goob, I know. I also played with my camera quite a bit. I didn’t realize I had messed with it quite as much as I did until I got home and discovered I had like 20 pictures of the audience waiting for the show to start.


Seriously, why did I take so many of these?

I also decided it might be nice to know who was opening for LBT, so I Googled. Turns out it was a gal I had never heard of named Lucie Silvas. I decided I’d find out a little bit about her since I had so much time to kill. This was the first picture that popped up on Google.

Lucie Silvas

Needless to say, my husband was very interested in more than Little Big Town’s song Pontoon by then. :0) In fact, I think he was a little more disappointed than he should have been when Lucie came out fully covered.

Lucie Silvas performing in Boise, ID 11/13/15
Lucie Silvas

Sorry, Charlie Mark.

I thought Lucie was Australian by her accent, but she is actually British according to the web. I was too lazy to change the title of this post, so you’ll have to excuse it for being wrong. She sang three or four songs including the title track to her current album ‘Letters To Ghosts’. Sometimes I have a hard time telling if music is meant to be country or not these days, which was the case with Lucie’s songs. That said, I really liked her soulful voice and the songs that she sang, so it’s all good. You can follow Lucie on Twitter and Facebook.

DSCN0393I thought Silvas was the only opening act, but it turned out that Little Big Town had a second act in Ben Earle and Crissie Rhodes who make up The Shires. They were also British, which I found interesting. I live in Idaho so two British people together in my general area is fascinating. I lead a sheltered life, what can I say?

The duo’s debut album, called ‘Brave’, is out now.  They performed their current single, the piano-heavy ballad I Just Wanna Love Youalong with maybe three other songs. One of the other songs they performed was an inspiring tune called Brave. The pair talked about how proud of the song they were and the fact that they had teamed with servicemen and women of the Royal British Legion and their families for the music video. You can watch it here.

Surprisingly, my husband actually said that he liked The Shires and enjoyed their performance. Like I said, he’s not a fan of most new country so I kind of wondered if maybe the concession stand had spiked his Pepsi. I’m still a little shocked. But hey, I liked them too so we were officially two for two. You can follow The Shires on Twitter and Facebook.DSCN0449

A little secret. I almost titled this post “My night with an Aussie, baby dreads, and Little Big Town: A review,” but then I got nervous about Ben’s hair maybe not actually being little tiny dreadlocks and also about the possibility that I might be called an insensitive nincompoop, so I changed my mind and called it: “My night with an Aussie, some Brits, and Little Big Town: A review.” Then I found out that Lucie Silvas wasn’t actually Australian. By that point, I gave up trying to get it right.

Here’s a close up of Ben’s hair. What do you think? Dreadlocks or not?


And just so you don’t think I’m weird that I noticed his hair, I also took a picture of Crissie’s legs after my husband made a comment about her muscles and the fact that she could probably kick my ass.


Yeah, I think he’s right about her being able to whoop me. Forget Carrie Underwood, I want Crissie Rhodes’ secret to working out legs.

Anyhoo, back to the music.

Sort of, because then came the wait. And boy was it a wait. I’ve been to concerts before that took a while to set things up between the opening act and the main act, but this seemed like a crazy amount of time. The downtime did provide for a little comic relief, however, thanks to this guy.


Yes, this guy vacuuming. He vacuumed and vacuumed and vacuumed some more. I swear to God he vacuumed for like 15 minutes straight. It got to the point where everyone around me was laughing about what the heck was he cleaning? Then the next day I was going through my pictures and my 17-year-old daughter laughed, pointed out this guy, whipped out her phone, opened up her Snapchat and showed me a picture that her friend had taken of him and posted with the caption: Sorry, mom, I forgot to clean my room.

There is hope for the youth of America.

Excessive vacuuming dude aside, the show finally, FINALLY got underway with blaring music that made me feel like I was at a club. Seriously, there’s nothing to make you feel like an old fogey like listening to heavy metal (not quite but close) blaring at a country concert while you’re waiting for the main act to take the stage.


But then Little Big Town was there on stage and all was forgiven.

The group opened the show with Day Drinking, really getting the crowd in the mood for a show. But then they slowed things down, walked to the front of the stage and did something they said they’d never done before … they asked for a moment of silence.

Friday was the tragic day when over a hundred people lost their lives in Paris after coordinated attacks. It was hard to think about being lucky enough to be at a show having fun when something so horrible had happened earlier in the day, but Little Big Town did a great job of getting the crowd to stop, think, and pay their respects.

Then the show went on.

Okay, just one thing drove me crazy the entire evening: Was Karen Fairchild wearing shorts with latex-like tights under them or was this some sort of jeans on top, leather on the bottom get-up? Or maybe they were thigh-high boots? Seriously, it looked good, I was just way too mesmerized by the mystery of it.


And yes, I realize I focus on off-the-wall things.

Anyway, Little Big Town really killed it, singing all their hits that you’d expect. They surprised the crowd with Jolene, which was definitely a big hit to anyone who wasn’t my husband. My husband’s only remark was that Dolly Parton did it better. Well duh, Dolly Parton does everything better, but I happened to love LBT’s version too.

The whole evening, aside from the touching moment of silence, was a get-up-and-dance sort of evening. They rocked newer songs and old hits such as Little White Church. The best part of the evening for me, however, was when they sang Pontoon and I could hear my husband singing mmmmmmm … motorboatin’ at the top of his lungs.


Fun times.

But then you could almost feel the growing anticipation for the one song that it seemed like everyone was waiting for.

And then there it was, the guitar and the music of Girl Crush.

Talk about a crowd-pleaser. I love it when one song can get an entire arena of drunk people singing along. It’s great.


They then ended the evening with their signature song, Boondocks. I kind of expected the opening acts to come out on stage and help end the show, but they didn’t. There was lots of applause and hand slapping between Jimi, Philip, and the audience.

It seemed like everyone had a great time.


My hubby and I got the heck out of Dodge as soon as Boondocks was over to try and beat the rush of people, so there may have been some sort of surprise finale, but I doubt it.

All in all it was a great concert and I’d definitely recommend it to anyone else. You can find out if the Painkiller Tour is going to be near you by visiting Little Big Town’s website. I have a few pictures below. You can also see loads more by visiting here.