Why has no one ever told me that LeAnn Rimes owns Virgo, the second cutest Pomeranian in the world?!?

I’m pretty sure that nearly everyone in the civilized world has come across a picture of Boo, the impossibly adorable Pomeranian, at some point in time.


If you haven’t, where the heck have you been?

I always assumed that Boo was some sort of freak of painfully adorable nature and that there would never be another like him (he’s a boy, I Googled).

Turns out I was wrong because LeAnn Rimes happens to own a near twin to Boo.

Meet Virgo, LeAnn’s teacup Pomeranian.

Got caught relaxin’ with #Virgo #endofsummer #backyard #familylove #doggielove #sweats #labordayweekend

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Why has no one ever told me Virgo exhisted? I would have been obsessively following LeAnn’s socials if I had known. It’s like LeAnn hit the lottery of cute dogs.

Oh sure, I’m sure someone out there will try and convince me that everyone already knew about Virgo and tell me I’m an idiot for not knowing. That can’t possibly be true, though, because my REAL friends would have told me about her existence a long time ago.

Since Boo 2 is now on my radar, here’s what LeAnn once told Animal Fair magazine about her scary beginnings.

Virgo is our teacup Pomeranian. She’s like four pounds and the sweetest thing in the world. We kind of rescued her – this is my rescue story – but it was one of those pet stores where she was not taken care of correctly. She was born on my birthday which was August 28th, which is why we named her Virgo. And she almost died a couple days after we got her because she was so malnourished. But we nursed her back to health and now she’s a beautiful sweet little thing that loves to hop around. She looks like a bunny, she loves to hop around. And she plays this little game called “you can’t catch me.” She’s just a doll, she really is.

Just a warning. I’ll probably start obsessively posting pictures of this dog. That’s what you get from keeping her a secret.


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