Leah Turner Is So Much More Than “Just a Girl” (Watch!)


Leah Turner is a female artist unlike any other — one who should be celebrated and decorated like many who have preceded her in country music. Armed with incomparable range, unique tone, and undeniable passion, Leah’s footprint is rightfully left on the hearts and souls of the people who listen to her music.

Fortunately for country music fans, Leah is back from her time in the studio, ready to release “Cowboy’s Love” next Friday, November 20th. While fans can download the song on iTunes, watch the video on CMT and CMT Pure next week, and get some behind-the-scenes information from Country Weekly in the next few days, we were lucky enough to get an exclusive listen to the material Leah has been hard at work on for some time.

Included in the set she did for her friends in the media was the powerful and poignant “Just a Girl“, which explains the many layers to the female gender, ultimately landing on the fact that all of those complexities are simply acceptable. Taking the unapologetic route, Leah explosively sings the words:

There’s nothing wrong with being a girl, with being the sunrise over somebody’s world. She might break your heart or be there picking up the parts, standing with you there in the dark. ‘Cause there ain’t nothing wrong with being a girl.

Aside from her distinguished vocals that set her apart from the rest of the industry, those who take the time to watch the video embedded below and explore Leah’s music a bit further will find that few entertainers are as enveloped in their art as this singer-songwriter. The level of intensity and devotion Leah pours into each syllable of her songs can be seen and heard throughout every performance, making this artist somebody from whom it is impossible to tear yourself away.

From an industry perspective, Leah is a breath of fresh air, and a much needed one at that, in the genre. From a fan perspective, it is an absolutely exciting time to be able to welcome such a strong female back to the spotlight and have new music in which to get lost. But, most importantly, from a friend perspective, I am so proud of Leah and cannot wait to see all of the amazing things that are yet to come and everything she conquers along the way.

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