Leah Turner Teaches Us About a Cowboy’s Love In Her New Video


Leah Turner grew up in California with a professional roping father, so she is quite familiar with the rodeo life and the cowboys who live it. Perhaps that is why Leah’s first single following her stint with Sony is dedicated to the men who molded her upbringing.

The music video for “Cowboy’s Love” was appropriately set on her dad’s ranch in her home state, even showcasing his championship saddle. Leah plays the role of the country girl in love with a cowboy of her very own, celebrating the relationship between the two as they work the day away on the ranch, and do so with smiles on their faces and romance in their eyes.

Still equipped with that uniquely mesmerizing voice that won our hearts from the time she introduced “Take the Keys”, Leah sets off on a new leg of her musical journey, combining her childhood of dreams with her obvious destiny. While Leah has let us into her life in the past with songs like “Pull Me Back” and “My Finger”, it is now when she knocks down all walls and takes us back to her actual roots. The result of this time travel back in history is the first day of the rest of her successful life.

Watch Leah Turner’s “Cowboy’s Love” video here by clicking here.