The Woes of Pregnancy: Kelly Clarkson Pukes… A LOT


It’s no secret that while Kelly Clarkson was pregnant with the adorably squishy little ball of cute that is River Rose, she was sick as a dog. She’s admitted to nonstop vomiting with baby #1, so we’re sure she expected #2 to be a total walk in the park.

However, the superstar opened up to Gayle King during an interview with CBS This Morning and admitted that she’s puking just as much with River’s sibling. “I’m familiar with all-day sickness,” Clarkson jokes. “I have to get IVs and fluids because I get so dehydrated. It’s really bad.”

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As for that impromptu pregnancy announcement back in August? KC admits that spilling the beans during the highly-emotional “Piece by Piece” was definitely an accident. “I couldn’t get through it and I was crying so hard,” she says. “I thought, ‘These people are going to think I’m on drugs. I’m about to lose it like a pregnant person. I gotta explain.’ And then it just came out.”

We’re hoping pregnancy eases up on Kelly soon, but at least she’s got a cute baby boy to look forward to.

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