Justin Timberlake is Heading to the CMA Awards


With only 3 days until the CMA Awards, the show has announced one of the most unexpected, but now highly anticipated, events of the night: a Justin Timberlake appearance. Not only will JT bring sexyback to the CMA stage, he’ll be joining the incomparable Chris Stapleton for a duet.

“We’ve always talked about finding a reason to do something together,” Chris Stapleton tells Rolling Stone Country, admitting that the duet was thought up before he was even nominated. “[Timberlake] is obviously one of the greatest musical talents in the world, maybe ever, that we have. I called him up with no thought of him agreeing to it, and he was ready to start planning it right then. I said, ‘Well, I think maybe we should wait, and if we get nominated they’ll let me have [a slot].’ He was so gracious and kind to want to do it and was so excited about it, and I’m excited about it. It’ll be something I’ve never done before for sure.”

This is one collaboration we can’t wait to see!