Jo Dee Messina Wants to Destroy the Evidence (Listen!)


Jo Dee Messina recently poked fun at me for reviving one of her tunes and writing an article about it. While I generally have some philosophical explanation for such musical resuscitation — typically a moment when I was moved by a song that my phone played at just the right time — this time I do not.

My reasoning isn’t deep; it isn’t touching; it isn’t going to entail some form of emotional expression. Rather, my response to any curiosity regarding this one is quite simple: If you don’t want a song to resurface during one of my content searches, you should probably destroy the evidence. Badum!

Destroy the Evidence” was a song that Jo Dee shared with her fans in 2012, asking them on social media to relay their thoughts about the track (along with another unreleased song, “Get Off That Train”). Placing the songs on her Soundcloud account, fans were given the opportunity to hear the tracks, weigh in on them, and get a taste of what it would be like to help Jo Dee steer her career as she shifted gears from major label to independent artist status. This method of public involvement would serve as a catalyst for the fan-driven project, Me — Jo Dee’s 2014 album.

The mid-tempo song is about the immediate aftermath of a breakup when somebody is finding ways to cope with another’s absence. In order to avoid the pain of the split, Jo Dee seeks refuge in trashing the physical memories, destroying any evidence of the love ever existing. Longtime fans of the multi-platinum, Number 1 artist will love this tune and wish they had it on their playlists, as it displays the powerful singer with the strong sense of self that Jo Dee has always embodied. Likewise, newer fans who discovered Jo Dee more recently will be drawn to the song because it showcases her undeniable talent and continues to teach them about the versatility of an artist they are still getting to know.

Jo Dee, I love you dearly. Please don’t destroy the evidence and let this song live on. If you want to charge me with the crime of sharing amazing music, I will accept that. Just don’t sentence everybody else to eternal deprivation!

Listen to Jo Dee Messina’s “Destroy the Evidence” below … while you still can (haha)! If you have trouble loading the player below, click here to hear the song on Jo Dee Messina’s Soundcloud page.


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    Are you kidding me Jo Dee? This is exactly the song for radio. It is both unique and contemporary with a very adaptable message.

    1. Jen Swirsky

      Glad you like! We fell in love when we heard it. Even if it ended up on the cutting room floor, at least we can still listen :).

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