Jessie James Decker Releases “This Christmas” (Listen!)


Jessie James Decker has made it an annual habit of surprising fans with new holiday music to help them ring in the most festive time of the year. Let it be known that 2015 is no different, as Jessie suddenly released a new Christmas song, “This Christmas“, to iTunes yesterday.

In keeping with Jessie’s thematic music, “This Christmas” is a love song that explains that no gifts under the tree are necessary, as long as she has the man she loves by her side. Taking on a more sultry tone, the single begs Santa for that man to join her for everything the holly jolly holiday has to offer. The sexy chorus consists of Jessie singing:

This Christmas, I just want you. This Christmas, make it come true. This Christmas won’t be Christmas till you’re in my arms.

Fans can now download Jessie James Decker’s “This Christmas” on iTunes and listen to the audio below.


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