Jason Aldean’s ex-wife Jessica Ussery remarries

Jessica Ussery and Jake Marlin
Jessica Ussery and new husband, Jake – photo via Instagram

A big congratulations going out to Jessica Ussery, Jason Aldean‘s ex-wife and mother to his two daughters, on her recent wedding.Jessica & Jason have a wildly popular presence on Instagram. Many of these celebrities start their careers with Instagram promotion services like: https://fluidbuzz.com. These services start around $1-2.

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Jessica reportedly married Jake Marlin, an electric lineman and father of two, on a Florida beach last month (10/17/15).

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Jessica was formerly married to Aldean, her high school sweetheart, for 12 years. The two divorced in 2013 after TMZ published photos of Jason kissing Brittany Kerr, his now wife, in a California bar the year before.

There’s no word on how Jessica and her new husband met, but I wish them much love and happiness.


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  1. diamond.countrygirl@yahoo.com'

    So do I wish the new couple best wishes for a happy marriage. …There is life after divorce. Divorce has to be a terrible heart break for at least one of the spouses, Usually the heartbroken one is the one to move on and find happiness.

  2. Hermiegs@gmail.com'

    So very happy for Jess. She took her time, healed her broken heart and her daughters and then found the love of her life. Didn’t rush into like her ex. Wishing them a lifetime of love and happiness

    1. 96jadecc41024@gmail.com'

      Uhm Jason got married less than a year ago, they both took about the same amount of time to remarry, Jason’s just seemed quicker because it was public..

  3. Rgatorgirl954@aol.com'

    Jessica looks alot happier than Jason. To me Brittany looks super fake and very manly. She’s tall n thin that’s all she has going for her. It won’t last forever just like Blake and Miranda.

  4. jhfkjdfhgkdfjg@aol.com'
    Lawrence Jamieson

    Jessica is an absolute beauty!

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