Gwen Stefani insists she didn’t spill the beans on her relationship with Blake Shelton


There’s a mystery brewing in Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani’s “relationship.” Who spilled the beans about them dating?

It had been rumored for quite a while that the pair were dating, but last Wednesday Gwen’s rep, or at least someone claiming to be Gwen’s rep, confirmed to Us Weekly that the pair were officially official. Many fans questioned the timing of the announcement considering the CMA Awards were airing on the same day. Then later that evening, the pair were spotted out and about in Nashville holding hands.

Now, Gwen is saying that no one on her team spilled the beans and she sounds pretty peeved at the whole “relationship” label.

In a new interview with San Diego’s Channel 933 ‘Frankie and Geena Morning Show’  (via TMZ), when asked if any of the songs on her upcoming album are about her new relationship, Gwen decided to set the record straight, which ended up just making everything more confusing.

“Wow, that’s really personal,” she said about the question. “This is what I will say about that. I never said nothing about being in a new relationship. I don’t know who said that but somebody did.”

She then goes on to say that her son has been asking questions, which isn’t cool to her.

Despite how testy Gwen sounded in the interview (which you can hear below), I can probably understand why this is all annoying to her. It’s one thing to be dating someone casually, it’s another to be thrust into “relationship” status with someone. It would be like taking someone you’ve only been dating for a couple of weeks home to meet your parents and having your mom or dad start obsessing about how in love you are and asking about when you’ll be setting a wedding date. It has to be frustrating as hell.

Honestly, I’d be a little suspicious if Gwen wasn’t more than a little annoyed by all the eyes peering into her love life.


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    Maybe things haven’t gone as they were were thinking they would….I’d have to see the truth before I’d believe they didn’t make a call to tell they would be strolling down the Nashville street hand n hand, also that her people didn’t announce they are a dating couple as artist were beginning to walk the redcarpet at CMA’s. I love that they are dating, can’t wait to see just how long she can keep Blake’s attention. I thought the CMA’s were great! Actually I think it would take something bigger than news of Blake Shelton and Gwen Steani dating to ruin a show as big as the CMA’S


    I wish everyone would leave it alone !!! If they are dating then good for them if they are just friends hanging out good for them. These are two people with amazing talent so if we want to talk about them talk about that

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