Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton Take Nashville


Just days after maybe, supposedly touching at a Halloween party, TMZ is reporting that Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani took their “are they or aren’t they?” relationship to the friendly skies via private jet. According to the report, the pair hopped on a private plane in Los Angeles on Tuesday, bound for Nashville.

According to TMZ,  the twosome are “not ‘in a relationship right now,’ but all acknowledge they’re hanging out a lot. One source said, ‘They could be in a relationship in the future but right now they’re just good friends.'”

While Blake made a brief appearance at last night’s BMI awards, he was flying solo. Will that be the case tonight or will Blake have a hollaback girl on his arm?

If Blake does happen to show up with Gwen, there’s no doubt things will be awkward with ex-wife Miranda Lambert only feet away.



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    I think Miranda will be just fine….She knows Blake is the biggest fish in Nashville. She just may stand and salute him as all others do. Remember Miranda wants to be Miranda, nothing put on about her, what you see is what you get. When you’re the grestest you pick out what you think will over shadow the others. Blake and Blackstocks have done a great job from the very beginning of this whole thing. I’m waitIng as others are to see if REBA will be sitting with their Porcelain Doll.


      I agree and if Blake wants that horseface Gwen he can have her, Miranda for EOTY and FVOTY and anybody but Blak3e for MVOTY !


    If true then really sad. I highly doubt Blake would take her to the show b/c they wouldn’t even admit to being a couple. My problem is if it is to go to the after parties that is just too soon. Hard enough dealing w/ seeing the ex but then add in the new chick-very petty. Awkward for their friends as well I would imagine. Don’t care why they split/who did what but after being a couple for 10 years that is just a classless move.

    Rhonda Thacker

    I will be watching and I must say.. I sure hope Blake doesn’t bring Gwen with him to the CMA’s. Its just too early. On that same note, I would be very disappointed if Miranda brought a date too. Hopefully, the will be solo or bring their Mom’s.

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