Watch the full episode of Dr. Phil featuring the obsessed Kip Moore fan

Kip Moore Dr. Phil

Wow! Just wow!

Today was the day that the Dr. Phil episode aired that featured Jenna, a lady who is absolutely obsessed with Kip Moore. She insists she’s madly in love with Kip and she’s even divorcing her husband so that she will be available if the singer ever calls. She’s written a 12 page (front and back. Yikes) love letter to Kip and says she tags him in all social media posts in the hopes that he’ll respond.

Not surprisingly, he never has.

All joking aside, I feel sorry for her. She seems more than a little delusional.

Anyway, I found the full episode on YouTube but you might want to watch it quickly because it will probably be removed soon.

The Kip Moore *only* portion can be found beneath the full episode video.


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