Eric Church sends fan club members a big surprise: A new album (Listen)

eric church

For the first time ever, I think paying for a fan club membership might totally be worth it.

According to The Boot, a few of Eric Church’s fan club members, known as the Church Choir, have been lucky enough to receive a very special gift in the mail: A surprise album labeled ‘Mr. Misunderstood’ featuring 10 previously unreleased songs.

The songs are fully produced, but it’s not clear if the album is going to be offered later for everyone or if it was just a special thank you to a few loyal fan club members.

Unfortunately, not all Church Choir members are happy because it seems not everyone received a copy of the album, but whatcha gonna do? I guess maybe it was just luck of the draw.

Fortunately, this is 2015 and not much stays secret forever and a fan going by the name “Jon Boy” has uploaded all 10 songs to YouTube. You can check them all out here or just click on the songs below to take a listen.

‘Mr. Misunderstood’ Track Listing:

1. “Mr. Misunderstood”
2. “Mistress Named Music”
3. “Chattanooga Lucy”
4. “Mixed Drinks About Feelings”
5. “Knives of New Orleans”
6. “Round Here Buzz”
7. “Kill a Word”
8. “Holdin’ My Own”
9. “Record Year”
10. “Three Year Old”