Deana Carter gives acting a try

Deana Carter and the cast of Painted Horses
Deana Carter and the cast of Painted Horses – photo via Carter’s Instagram

Strawberry Wine singer Deana Carter has decided to give her acting chops a try with a role in a new movie starring Back To The Future actress’ daughter.

According to The Paris Post Intelligencer, Carter is starring as Aunt Nora in a new movie called ‘Painted Horses’.

The upcoming movie, “Painted Horses” directed by Damian Fulton, will feature Carter as Aunt Nora, a beloved family member and mentor to protagonist Pam, a teacher with a rough past trying to make a difference in a tethered town.

Pam will be played by Madelyn Deutch, from movies “Windsor” and “Texas Rising.” She is the daughter of actress Lea Thompson.

Lea Thompson, of course, was Marty McFly’s mom in the ‘Back to the Future’ movies.

“I feel as though I’m the perfect age for it (the role of Aunt Nora),” Carter recently told the Intelligencer. “I’ve had experience in life and traveled just like the character. She’s a bit of a mentor you might look up to. She’s kind of a rebel herself, but I think she feels fine to be settled.”

Carter says she’s happy to be branching out in non-music ways so that she can spend more time with her 11-year-old son and would like to leave the touring to the summer when he can go with her.

‘Painted Horses’ is set to finish up filming soon and is expected to premier in the spring of 2016.


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