Clay Walker Debuts Single “Right Now” at the Opry (Watch!)


Clay Walker is one of the most genuine, humble, and appreciative men I have come across in my many years of writing about country music. Top that off with a talent that exceeds others on all days that end in “y”, and this artist has a foolproof formula for spotlight re-emergence.

Last month, Clay made his return to the Grand Ole Opry stage, sharing with the legendary venue’s audience his newest single, “Right Now“. The song, penned by Clay, Shane Minor, and Wade Kirby, is one that Clay knew immediately would make an impact on fans.

Clay explained his thoughts on the single to me during our October 7, 2015 interview:

I call it a “memory marker,” you know, one that whenever they start hearing it for the first time with the person they are in love with, it will be one of those songs they can always go back to, even if they’re not together in the future, they’ll go back and say “my God, that song makes me feel like I’m right there, right now.”

And, right now, you can watch Clay’s live performance of “Right Now” from the coveted Grand Ole Opry stage below!

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