The Best CMA Tweets About Chris Stapleton


For those of us who know and love country music, Chris Stapleton, and his brilliant album Traveller, was one of our best kept secrets…until tonight. Between winning a handful of awards and literally melting the stage with Justin Timberlake, the Twitterverse was full of tweets about Stapleton.

In case you missed it, Stapleton swept the three categories he was nominated in, sending people into a tizzy.

While there were quite a few people asking “Who the hell is Chris Stapleton?” there were also a lot of other hilarious and terrifying tweets.

See some of our faves below:

There was this dude who definitely wasn’t happy about it:

Why is this a bad thing?

I’d pay to see him on a trampoline TBH.

This guy knows he’s better than any of our current options:

We’re asking the same thing:

Not going to say we agree, but…

Wonder how that table is doing.

Yes, this.

Basically how we felt.

We love Sam too, but…


There’s always next year.