Chris Cagle quits country music for his family

Chris Cagle and wife
Chris Cagle and wife, Kay – photo via Twitter

Wow! Well here’s a surprise. After 15 years in country music, Chris Cagle has decided to call it quits.

The What Kinda Gone singer made the announcement on Facebook Sunday, November 1, stating that the decision comes from wanting to be home to be a dad and great husband.

Chris Cagle daughterChris Cagle son

I would like to thank everyone for 15 yrs of a great time! From B&D to Flatts and fans!! I’m gonna miss my band and everyone!!

All this means.. I’m going home! I’m going to be a Father and a GREAT Husband and enjoy my life!

I thank you ALL for everything! I’ve had a great run and would just like to go home with my dignity! I’m tired of missing moments like this … and this

Chris then added on Twitter, “I just watched my tour bus roll out of the Ranch! I hope the guys on it will forever know what they’ve meant to my life!!!”

Chris is one of those country singers who seemed to live the life he sang about, with multiple arrests over the years. Chris’ life thankfully seemed to calm down a bit once he married and welcomed daughters Stella (2010) and Piper (2011).

Well, except for that DWI in 2013, but we’ll just call that a hiccup.

The singer talked with Taste of Country a few years ago about the change having children had made in his life.

Something happened to me once I became a father. When Stella came out, something snapped in me … I don’t know what it was. I wanted to be better at everything. I work so much harder now on my music. I used to just pick up a guitar, play, bang it out and that was it. I really, truly now work hard — hard — on my music. I work hard on building our ranch. I work hard on my relationship with my wife. I work hard on maintaining a level head. I work hard on every time I get to a place where I want to get upset about something, I think, is this even worth it? Just relax for a second … is this really worth it? This person could be having a really bad day and you don’t know what’s going on in their life. Why are you getting upset right now? It’s weird because I never really cared about what anybody thought of me. Now all I care about is setting an example for what a man should be so that my daughter winds up picking the right guy.

I’m always in awe of people who are able to step away from the spotlight by choice for the betterment of their personal lives. I wish Chris the very best.


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    That’s great to hear to be home more and everything I’m really happy for him, just 1 thing I wanna know is will you, Chris ever come back to country music? Is there a chance

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