Exclusive Interview: Red Carpet Ready with Cassadee Pope and Colgate Optic White


Cassadee Pope has partnered with Colgate Optic White to bring her glistening smile to the 49th Annual Country Music Association Awards (“CMA Awards”). Cassadee has become a red carpet staple in the country music industry, always leaving a mark on the fans, her peers, executives, and the media, rocketing to the top of “Best Dressed” lists everywhere. We anticipate this year’s CMA Awards (taking place tomorrow night, Wednesday, November 4th) will be no different; especially since she will bring along her best accessory – that gorgeous smile.

Cassadee teamed up with Colgate Optic White because the partnership presented her with the opportunity to take her fans on the backstage journey with her and experience a process that few of us will ever see first-hand.

I’m always about giving my fans an inside look on what it’s like to prepare for a red carpet and life in general, and Colgate Optic White is giving me the chance to do that. I think it’s great! And this is the second year they have been partnering with the Country Music Association and I’m excited to be able to give my fans a play-by-play of what it’s like!

Before the CMA Awards, Cassadee will be walking the coveted red carpet, and she is looking forward to having the opportunity to wear amazing clothing that is outside the realm of her every day fashion.

I feel like the little kid in me is really excited. I get to go on the red carpet and pose and wear these great dresses that I never thought I’d be able to wear. And, thankfully, I get to team up with Colgate Optic White, and I feel very confident on the red carpet because I’ve got a whiter smile.

Those dresses Cassadee referenced have frequently made her the talk of the town, and she attributes her notable style to not putting herself in a fashion box and allowing flexibility with her looks.

I’ve really stayed open-minded with my stylist, Trish Townsend, and also my hair and makeup stylist, Neil Robison, because we kind of all work together to experiment and try new things, and the thing I love about being an artist is you get to reinvent yourself whenever you want, and as long as there’s a constant throughout, you’re not really confusing people. And I love fashion, so I go with whatever makes me excited about that event!

Now, if you have ever seen Cassadee in her natural state — no makeup and personally styled hair — you know that she requires absolutely no assistance, as she is beautiful from the moment she wakes up in the morning. However, considering the demands associated with red carpets and the maniacal media that surrounds prestigious events, Cassadee calls on Trish and Neil as the key members of her team. If you have paid close attention to Cassadee when it comes to industry activities, you can deduce that she has found the perfect people to work with her to achieve her always flawless look.

I went through a few different people towards the beginning of my career after The Voice and I was really lucky to work with some of the best people on The Voice. Like, the wardrobe team there was phenomenal, so I kind of had my standards a little high at the beginning and I loved everybody I worked with, but when I started working with Trish, that was when I kind of realized this person gets me and knows what I’m going for, is pushing my limits, which I really needed because I was afraid to step outside of my comfort zone and wear jumpsuits or show a little mid-drift, so it was cool for her to bring that side out.

With Cassadee’s full trust in Trish, she is able to share her personal visions for each event with the renowned stylist and feel positive that what is presented to her will be exactly what she had in mind. This was the method of planning used for this year’s CMA Awards, for which Cassadee gave us a little hint about what she will be wearing.

I really want something shear that has some sort of shorts situation underneath because it’s very trendy and I’ve seen it on a lot of fashion shows this year, and I just think that’s an amazing look. . . . This dress we found for the CMA Awards was a no-brainer. Tried it on and it was like “DONE!” . . . It’s a mixture of glam, kind of the old fashion glam with the long dress. A little bit of a mermaid cut, but edgy with shear. The hair and makeup is going to be very fresh, not so smoky this time around. More lashy.

Cassadee takes the same approach with her hair and makeup stylist, Neil, whom she pridefully explained already knows what she wants for her looks. In fact, her comfort with Neil and his ability to understand her on the level that he does allows her the luxury of not having to spot check his brilliant work.

He knows exactly what I want, so I don’t have to worry about looking in the mirror and checking every little nook and cranny and making sure everything’s perfect, because I know he knows what I want. . . . He’s just, I trust him with everything. Today, for Colgate, I wanted to do a red lip to kind of match this beautiful Optic White backstage room and he knew exactly how to do it, so nailed it Neil!

With her ideal team in place, a dress selected, and a hair and makeup look determined, Cassadee can officially begin to prepare for an event. The process, she explained, takes roughly four hours, and that includes her typical morning routine. That isn’t as bad as you imagined, is it? Perhaps it is because we are dealing with Ms. Invincible herself!

Speaking of which, since we were discussing fashion and Cassadee does have a monumental song of empowerment as her current single (“I Am Invincible”), we had to find out what her fashion choice would be to show off that invincibility.

A jumpsuit (laughs)! Probably some sort of leather and lace kind of jumpsuit. Maybe where it’s sort of leather on the sleeves with a lace, long pant jumpsuit. That’s the one thing I’ve always connected with is I’ve always had that rock side, but the lace is kind of like more of my prissy side coming out. So, the combination is my favorite.

And because this is an interview with a country music star, of course we asked a little about new music, to which Cassadee replied that it is coming and fans can expect an album in 2016. For now, Cassadee is sifting through a collection of songs and continuing to write when she is not on the road, all in anticipation of a forthcoming sophomore country release.

But first, Cassadee will take a night off from the planning and preparations to shine amongst the other stars in country music. She cannot wait to experience the 49th Annual CMA Awards live, immediately following her red carpet appearance, and is especially eager to see the performances.

Country music shows, award shows in general, always have the best performances. My friends in Fall Out Boy are collaborating with Thomas Rhett, so that’ll be an awesome one! And it’s always great to see Reba out there doing her thing!

We would like to say a tremendous thank you to Cassadee Pope and Colgate Optic White for welcoming us into their cheerful CMA Awards headquarters this morning and starting our morning off in the brightest way possible!


Click here for details on where you can watch Cassadee Pope on the CMA Awards red carpet tomorrow night, Wednesday, November 4th.