The Truth Revealed: How Does Carrie Underwood Treat Her Fans?


Carrie Underwood is a country music superstar, no doubt. With six consecutive Number 1 albums, countless awards, never-ending hit singles, and legs that make the entire world want to exercise, the Sony Music Nashville recording artist is one of the most prominent players on the field.

With so much success and stage presence that few can amount to, it makes you wonder what the gorgeous and talented Carrie is like when the cameras stop rolling and nobody is looking, doesn’t it? We have the answer for you, courtesy of an insider.

According to our source who filled us in recently, Carrie Underwood is one of the nicest artists she has ever met and is always great to her fans. This opinion is based on several occurrences, going back to years ago and leading all the way up to the 2015 CMA Awards.

This particular source had an encounter with Carrie where the singer-songwriter approached her, complimented her skin and makeup, and took copious notes about her personal care. Acting just like you and me, Carrie engaged her in conversation, was completely down-to-earth, and treated her in a way that she has never forgotten. It was around that same time she witnessed Carrie communicate with a young fan in a wheelchair, doing so in the most caring way possible.

I was behind-the-scenes at CRS two years ago when she met this little girl in a wheelchair and she got down on her level to talk to her. It was so sweet!

The 49th Annual CMA Awards red carpet was no different, as Carrie was a standout individual when no one was paying close attention, making sure to greet fans, walk over to them, say hello, and create a lasting impression. Carrie also took time to speak with those working the event, standing under a tent and hanging out with those putting their efforts into the award show “when she didn’t have to.”

Just a few weeks ago, social media also had a hand in displaying Carrie’s kindness toward fans the week of her Storyteller album release. On Twitter, fans were sharing photographs of their favorite female stopping to talk to them, sign autographs, take pictures, and thank them for their support.

The reason for this article is simple: It is important to remember that behind every artist is a human being, and sometimes the real people underneath the names are as wonderful as they are talented. What says the most about a celebrity as a person is how they act when all eyes aren’t on them and the cameras are turned off. It seems as though Carrie Underwood is one of those stars who remembers where she came from; appreciates who helped her get there; and intends to keep those supporters on her team as she moves forward.

In a world of negative press and outspokenness, isn’t that just a good thing to know?

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    One time my friends and I saw Carrie going into her rehearsal for CMA Fest. She was on a golf cart and we just smiled and waved at her. She said “I’ll be back!” We waited around and listened to her rehearsal, but it started pouring down rain, and we thought there was no way she was going to stop and chat in the rain. When rehearsal was over, she came back out on the covered golf cart (so she couldn’t tell if it was still raining or not), but she made sure the cart stopped so she could come back and talk to us. She got off the cart with an umbrella, which she realized she actually didn’t need since it had stopped raining, and came to talk to us. She was so so so nice and talked to us for a few minutes until her manager finally said she had to leave. The part that blows my mind was that she was willing to get out in the rain to talk to some people who she didn’t even know!

    1. Jen Swirsky

      I love this! So many great stories coming out on Twitter too. Great to know such a huge star is so grounded and thankful.

        Tracy Coker

        I was at the Red Carpet this week at the CMAs ( one of the fans that waited over 6 hrs to see my favorite stars ) when Carrie got out of her , she did not acknowledge anyone at first . Her car then turned around and picked her back up and she did a small wave . She did not walk over the the fans at all , so I don’t know which fans she talked to , I was there the whole time . It was very upsetting . I always wanted to believe that she was down to earth and remembered where she came from , but she sure didn’t show us that on wed night . I am a big fan of hers, hoping that she was just having a bad day .


          Carrie had a very busy night at the CMA’s and she did not have the time to talk with hardly anyone. I have to say that Carrie got out of the car and briefly walked the red carpet. The car did NOT turn around and pick her back up at all. I have attended many concerts and meet & greets and Carrie has always been very friendly and listens to her fans. One night there was an older man in a wheelchair that was very ill and he had always wanted to see Carrie and his family made that happen. Carrie went over to him and talked with him and leaned down and hugged him and said she would remember him in her prayers. She had tears in her eyes. She is caring, kind and I love the way she lives her faith based life. She is a breath of fresh air in a world of negativity.


    This is great to hear! You do hear otherwise sometimes. Hope this source is accurate. However, I don’t believe she spent anytime with fans at the CMA’s on Wednesday. But I think that was probably due to time constraints. Watching the red carpet stream, she appeared to only be out there very briefly. Within a few minutes of being on the carpet, she was photographed backstage rehearsing the monologue. Apparently, she’s actually coherently introverted, and not much of a people person. I do believe she’s a nice person.. but maybe her personality gets a bit misconstrued sometimes?

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