But what will Miranda Lambert think of jokes about her divorce?

Ever since it was announced that Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert were scheduled to both appear and perform at this week’s CMA Awards, people have been pondering how awkward it will be.  Blake opened up to Late Night host Seth Meyers last week about how he knew it would be uncomfortable, but that he was okay with CMA Awards co-host Brad Paisley cracking a few jokes at his expense. In fact, he said, Brad wouldn’t be doing his job if he DIDN’T crack a few jokes.

Over the weekend, Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood held a press conference to talk about Wednesday night’s award show and one of the subjects that came up was whether Miranda and Blake’s divorce would be off-limits or not.

Turns out, it’s definitely not off-limits.

“I will say it’s very admirable that Blake went on Seth Myers and said ‘Bring it!’ So we will!” Brad said. “He and I have had a few little conversations here and there. He’s not someone who’s concerned at all quite honestly. It’s really refreshing.”

My question, though, is what about Miranda’s permission? Has Brad talked with her to see if she’s okay with being the butt of a joke or two? What about Reba’s divorce? Will her’s also be served up for a few laughs?

I’m sure we all figured that Blake and Miranda’s divorce would be mentioned at the awards, but so far the only person saying it’s okay is Blake. Last time I checked, the divorce happened to two people.

I guess we’ll just have to hope that Brad and Carrie handle this uncomfortable situation as well as they’ve handled other uncomfortable topics at past CMA Awards shows.

What do you think? Should everyone involved say it’s okay to be made fun of or are all celebrities fair game at awards show just because their private lives are public anyway?

You can watch the Carrie and Brad’s full press conference below.



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  1. kellie2012@msn.com'

    THANK YOU! I’m so sick of Blake acting like everything is a joke. Don’t care about knowing their business but to mention the divorces is NOT a fun joyful thing & would bring down the mood in the room in my opinion. Many more things to joke about also Carrue said that they weren’t going to go there so maybe this is all to get people to tune in. Sad.

  2. tigerblue_eyes@hotmail.com'
    Pauline goguen

    I think it’s not a joke when it comes to a Divorce ??? especially when you’ve shared 10 years together and it’s only been approx. not even 4 months….. That’s cruel !!! What about Miranda’s FEELINGS ? you don’t do something like that in front of a crowd when the person still loves her husband ?? Duuhh…..MEN !!!

  3. tigerblue_eyes@hotmail.com'
    Pauline goguen

    isn’t Carrie Underwood hosting with Brad Paisley? Well why isn’t she speaking up on that matter, she’s a woman ! Men are cruel with no feelings….That’s the stupidest thing i’ve ever heard of…..You guys call it a JOKE?? I have a big sense of humor but that ain’t no joke !!!!!!! to knowing that it could hurt someone’s feelings….Don’t you think she’s gonna feel awkward everybody looking at her…..and how would you feel if it was to make her cry? The DIVORCE SHOULD NOT even be mentioned that night, it’s a fun night….

  4. emma197557@gmail.com'

    I feel joking about someone having their heart stomped on is NO laughing matter Brad must be a jerk like Blake and what’s up with Carrie not defending Mirandas honor and privacy………

  5. manuellicha@hotmail.com'
    Jason Lee

    I would hope the “country family” would have more class than to take the heartache they all song about and turn it into a big joke. Speaking from someone divorced now 6 years to this day I would not find humor in Brad or Carries jokes about divorce.

  6. phnryan@aol.com'

    Divorce is not a JOKE! What are Miranda’s feelings?! Unfortunately, the situation will be a big elephant in the room but I think it can be done more tactful than joking……………Carrie needs to step up for woman and Miranda. Blake seems so shallow now…………I used to think that Miranda and Blake were an awesome couple………but seeing how things are going post divorce, I wonder. They are both great artists hands down………I applaud their 10 year life together……marriage can be tough, then add the publicity to the mix! I wish the best for both Miranda and Blake during the awards and after………..it is a challenging time.

  7. gloriasmith250@yahoo.com'

    I agree with the other posters! Divorce is nothing to joke about and I for one wish they would not go there. It’s obvious Blake has no morals and would do or say anything to get a laugh or attention. Carrie and Brad…..keep it clean and respectful….don’t hurt someone to get a laugh. Don’t lower yourselves or the country music world…PLEASE!

  8. diamond.countrygirl@yahoo.com'

    Miranda is just a little podunk country girl….Blake Shelton is the biggest fish in Nashville, along with the Blackstocks of course. They didn’t consider her feelings when their PR raced to TMZ the day the SEALED divorce was final. All my life I’ve heard what goes around comes back around. It will bite them one day.

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