Brooke Eden Proves Hard Work Pays Off with Debut Single (Listen!)


It is about time. Time for the world to meet Brooke Eden. Time for Brooke Eden to have her shot at country music radio. Time for Brooke Eden to spread her wings and soar. The industry is long overdue for somebody with Brooke’s talent and it should be gearing up for the excitement that is in store.

Brooke’s debut single under her label, Red Bow Records, will be hitting terrestrial radio in January. The hardworking singer-songwriter is currently on the road in support of the single, “Daddy’s Money”, sharing the song with radio stations and proving to the powers that be that this South Florida girl with stars in her eyes is ready to break out and be a star.

Daddy’s Money” is a song Brooke has been performing out for awhile; one that always elicits a positive response from crowds. The song honors those who grew up humbly and worked hard for everything they have, much like how Brooke was raised. Rather than envying those who are handed things on silver platters, Brooke celebrates having to scrape and scramble, recognizing that because of the hardship, what she does have is so much more special to her.

Though Brooke didn’t grow up surrounded by money, she grew up with an abundance of love and support from her family. Her parents raised her to be an appreciative woman who cherishes every moment while living her dream, as well as somebody who isn’t afraid to voice what she wants for her career and get her hands dirty to make those things happen. The result of Brooke’s upbringing is a superstar in the making who always looks back and shows gratitude for her roots and the people who have helped her along the way.

Listen to Brooke Eden’s “Daddy’s Money” below and start listening for the single on country music radio soon!

Photo credit: Whiskey Riff