Guess who Blake Shelton stayed with while going through his divorce

Blake Shelton and Adam Levine rocking out

Like many people going through divorces, Blake Shelton took shelter during the storm with a friend. And, no, thankfully, that friend wasn’t named Gwen.

Blake chatted with Country Countdown USA’s Lon Helton over the weekend and revealed that Adam Levine isn’t just one of his best friends, he was also his go-to guy when he needed a place to crash during his divorce from Miranda Lambert.

“I consider him one of my best friends,” Blake told Helton. “I actually went and stayed with the guy when I was going through my divorce, and he was a really good friend to me during all that.”

And because many people have wondered where the pair’s bro-mance comes from, Blake also revealed why he thinks Adam and him have hit it off so well.

“I think the thing that’s our bond is we come from such different worlds. I find we’ll get into conversations where we just pick each other’s brains of how we do our touring. The same with him. He wants to know if I’m really a farmer. We have these conversations, and hours go by. The thing we have in common is music. But that’s not what we’re interested in. We’re interested in ‘Why are you so weird?’”

Weird friends are definitely the best friends.

You can check out the rest of Blake’s interview with Lon Helton here. 

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