Blake Shelton and Kelly Clarkson Drag a Hater on Twitter


It’s no secret that Blake Shelton is fond of messing with his haters on Twitter. The other night, Blake decided to do online battle with a hater named Jake, Kelly Clarkson chimed in and the rest…is Twitter gold.

Turns out that Jake doesn’t think Blake has put out a good song since “Austin.” Ummm hello, “God Gave Me You,” “Mine Would Be You” and “She Wouldn’t Be Gone.”

Anyway, Blake decided to play along.

Kelly Clarkson soon chimed in that she wouldn’t mind being a “sell out” like Blake.

Jake decided that Blake, Kelly and their reality shows killed music and Blake wasn’t here for anyone dissing on River Rose’s mama.

And then Kelly called the grammar police.

And of course, Blake got the last word.

Image via Weiss Eubanks.

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