Blake and Gwen Pack on the PDA at ‘The Voice’


We have to be honest, we’re not so sure how we feel about this whole ‘Gwake’ thing. On one hand, we’re happy our boy Blake is happy. But on the other hand, Miranda is our girl and we know this has to hurt.

So, apparently Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani are packing on the PDA’s on the set of The Voice. We get it: They’re in a new relationship and they’re in that annoying giddy stage, but it kinda makes us want to puke.

Anyway, here’s a video of Gwen running into Blake’s arms like a very excited Bachelor contestant.

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    Seems like the are working really hard to “show people” they are a couple. This is supposed to be a professional environment, yet neither act that way- sorta out of character for 2 professional artists. Don’t really care or watch the show but these “leaked videos/pics” always seemed planned out, can ya say SWEEPS!

    janet nave

    Yes, unprofessional. She is7 yrs older with 3 kids. Absurd. Never last.


    Barf. No seriously…barf.

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