Female Focus Friday: Ashliegh Lisset Releases “The Call” (Listen!)


Ashliegh Lisset released her first single, “Kill the Headlights“, to Sirius XM The Highway in 2013, soaring her way to success on the XM station’s coveted Hot 45 countdown. With the frequent spins on The Highway, Ashliegh gathered fans over the many, many weeks the song played, creating a bevy of supporters who were eager for more from the young Texas singer.

While Ashliegh released another song to iTunes, “Target on My Heart“, “Target” wouldn’t serve as her next single. Instead, Ashliegh strategically held on to a Lucy Hale, Zac Maloy, and Mike Daley penned tune, “The Call“, that she always anticipated would perform well and reignite her music industry flame.

Just a couple of weeks ago, Ashliegh released her finalized version of “The Call” to iTunes and the wait was well worth her fans’ while. The mid-tempo song juggles one person’s melting pot of emotions, ranging from the excitement when a dream comes true all the way to the emptiness of realizing the person you wanted to share those dreams with is gone. The lyrics paint the picture of Ashliegh walking through her days, always wishing that the one who got away was living each moment with her, despite the fact that she is getting everything she hoped her life would offer. Hidden beneath the hope for whatever the call might bring, the song provides the sense that the mystery call should have served as an eraser of doubt, but, instead, was an eye-opening memory that the one other thing she wanted was a part of the past.

Ashliegh Lisset, with her tiny stature that houses an enormous voice, is one of those artists I would consider a hidden treasure in country music. While Ashliegh lives quietly in Texas, working toward her musical future, the relative silence over the past couple of years has been a period of preparation to storm on to the Nashville scene and burst into Music City as an able female to be added to the list of talented women in country. With “The Call”, Ashliegh may very well get that call she has been waiting for since her pre-teen days.

Listen to Ashliegh Lisset’s “The Call” below and let us know what you think by leaving a comment.