Are Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani screwing with the paps in these Halloween pics?

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Halloween 2015 was like any other Halloween, but then Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani had to go and attend a couple A list Hollywood parties and LEAVE together to spark those dang dating rumors. shared some of their exclusive photos annnnnnd we kinda sorta hafta admit….this looks rather convincing.

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There was even buzz that they were sharing in some PDA at the party, but dropped each other’s hands before they stepped outside.

Hmmm.  Things are rarely boring in Blake’s world. But do you think they’re just doing this to screw with the paps and get people thinking or is there really something going on?

Either way, Miranda seemed totally fine on Halloween with her squad.


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    First off everything in Blake’s life is done for max shock value so I go w/ playing with the paps. If they were dating I would think they wouldn’t want so much attention so soon since her divorce isn’t finalized yet and she has 3 young kids. We all know that Blake has always liked his girls young so sorry Gwen. Also California girl Gwen isn’t moving her 3 kids to the sticks in Oklahoma and no way is he moving full time to LA.


    BS found a way once again to try and be the center of attention. Guess he wanted more eyes on him at the CMAs. I find it tacky. Go back to Lalaland, it seems to be where you like to be. This is a strategy to have the media talk about this instead of his divorce. Blake has smart Blackstock/NBC PR team on top of all of his moves now.


    I’m not a fan of Blake Shelton, but I’m a country music fan and love so many of our male artist,,,,Keith, Kenny Brad Tim just to name a few….Sam Hunt, Dierks! No way will Blake ever get serious over this fake porcelain Doll. She is older by like 8yrs with three children. He is not going to take a back seat for anyone and this one will not hold back like Miranda did for his liight to shine. Yes, I think we all know Miranda had rather Blake win big than herself. It was a mistake but Miranda did what she thought was best. I could’nt figure why they left the party in front of the cameras, but I did think maybe to take CMA talk away from Miranda. They were the only two with many bigger stars than the two of them being there. He will have fun and get as much attention for himself, but really I can just see him throwing the mannequin in the back seat as we see in the photo. He likes his girls younger than young! He knows just what Brad is going to joke about and no doubt looking forward to having the cameras on himself during his hahaha

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