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Joey Rory and Indy

Joey+Rory’s Rory Feek took to his blog once again this morning and made me think about life and about death.

I do that a lot when I read what he writes these days. He makes me happy and sad and inspired all at the same time and it’s an amazing gift that he has.

Here’s the thing, though, I’m not going to share any of Rory’s beautiful thoughts and words today because what he wrote in his blog today seems almost too personal and too intimate to share on my own blog for the purpose of mass consumption. They are his stories and feelings to share, not mine. I respect Rory and because of that I don’t want to use his words that are very obviously from his heart for my own purposes any longer.

I started out writing this blog post like all the others. I was going to share an update on Joey because Rory had shared an update on her. But then something hit me in the middle of gathering my thoughts: I’ve become sad that Joey and Rory’s life has become like some sort of morbid waiting and watching game to people who weren’t interested in them before Joey got sick.  I am honestly thinking more along the lines of websites (such as the tabloids) than anything else. I mean, when the paparazzi start asking other stars how they feel about what this couple is going through so that their comments can be turned into a story, that just seems like the time to step back and rethink things, you know?

Unfortunately, I know that I’ve contributed to the looky-loos (people who aren’t interested in the couple’s music, story, or life in general, but are just following along to see what happens next) by posting so many sad (and sappy) blog posts about what the pair is going through, and I feel, I don’t know, guilty or sad for that I guess. I’ve run into this feeling before where I get this sort of knot in the pit of my stomach because I start to I wonder if I’m writing about something because I care and want to share my feelings or because I know that it will get clicks.

Don’t get me wrong, my being sappy and sad wasn’t an act. I’ve been a fan of these two since their Can You Duet? days and have always envied their seemingly idyllic life, which is why I started sharing Rory’s blog posts in the first place long before the cancer diagnosis. I’m a fan and am, in a fan-sort-of-way, invested in what happens to them, which makes me want to share my thoughts and feelings of sadness these days. Sharing is caring, you know? I’m just afraid that my desire to talk about something that I’m genuinely sad about on a personal level has become intertwined with my blog-owner instinct to get people to visit my site, if that makes any sense.

Getting eyeballs onto my blog posts is part of my job and most days I embrace that with little hesitation. A lot of people think so-called click bait is bad; to me it’s a blog survival tool and I don’t apologize for it. But I think I’ve hit a point where getting clicks doesn’t matter as much to me as just letting Joey and Rory enjoy their remaining time together without turning their story into a spectator sport.

So, this will be the last time I share Rory’s blog posts on NashvilleGab until either there’s a miracle or there’s not. I hope everyone understands.

You can read Rory’s post today by visiting You can also follow their Facebook page for regular updates and to leave well wishes.

Editor’s note: I got to thinking and this post wasn’t in any way meant to say anyone else in this industry is wrong for continuing to talk about Joey and Rory and to share their story. This is just a personal decision on my part. Everyone has their own way and reason for doing things and I don’t fault anyone for continuing to do what they want.

This post is also nothing against Rory’s blog. I think his posts are so inspiring and beautiful and sad and I cry every time I read them. I’m so glad he shares like he does and I will continue to read what he writes as long as he continues to welcome fans into his incredible life. I feel blessed to have gotten to know Joey through Rory’s eyes. I will just continue to read his blog on my own time without using it as story fodder for my own site.

This post (boy, I’m feeling the urge to explain a lot) is also not against the people who have just recently fell in love with this couple and genuinely feel inspired by them. It’s definitely better late than never. I’m not accusing people who have just found Joey and Rory and now offer up daily prayers as being looky-loos and I’m sorry that some people in the comments have taken this post that way. The looky-loos I meant are the people who are only following Joey’s journey out of morbid fascination. I’m sure you know what I mean. I want people to continue to pray for Joey and Rory regardless of how they found them because I know I will.

This whole thing was just me thinking out loud. Trying to express myself as to why I want to respect them enough to not use what they’re going through just to bring readers to NashvilleGab. I don’t know, I’ve tried to explain and I guess all I can really do is hope people understand what it was I was trying to get across.

UPDATE: If you’ve read this and are angry at me, I ended up writing another post here to try and explain myself better. 


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    Michele Gibbs

    I commend you! I have been a Joey and Rory fan since their beginnings and it really bothers me to see people posts on the many different sites and it is quite obvious they know nothing about them or their music and are only knee jerk reacting to their current situation. Thank you for being honest and stepping back!


      I recently learned of Joey Feek. I’m not a long time fan but she no doubt has the purest country voice of her generation. Strange that I hadn’t heard of her before now. How dare you poke at people who just recently found her. If they heard her sing, they are praying for her and sending love, not just waiting for what comes next. That in itself is a horrific insult to Joey. As for you long time fans that claim ownership of Joey because you were lucky enough to know of her angelic voice from the beginnings. Don’t be selfish snobs. Let everyone who has found Joey LOVE her. You are the ones acting like tabloids waiting for joeys moment. So back off. Guessing NG is a total rag. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

      1. Shannon

        You’ve missed the point. See my previous comments.

      Gaéts Gravelke

      Don’t hold it against us. Even though I’m a country music fan, I don’t live in the USA. More often than not, I get introduced to artists via other people’s posts. Because I have to go online to listen to WSM, it’s not a nightly ritual in my home so many artists escape my attention. It’s even harder to get to learn of them when country radio only plays Top 40 songs. But, I had heard Rory & Joey on the Opry but only in the last year. But, I understand what was written and the reasoning behind it and yes, the world is caught in the wait and see mode because we’ve been drawn into their lives by Rory’s blogs and news updates. Theirs is a faith-filled life and his most recent blog (Nov. 13, I believe) paints a beautiful testimony of the woman Joey is.

      1. Shannon

        I’m glad that you’ve found Joey and Rory no matter how you did so. It’s nice to know that even people outside of the USA have been able to connect with them.


    I am very sorry but I very much disagree. I was unaware of Joey’s story until I saw it on facebook. This couple has been an inspiration to me. They have brought me back down on my knees in prayer. I have spent countless of hours of prayer with the Lord for this sweet family ad I too know cancer way too well. I have lost my parents, grandparents,aunts, uncles and friends to this terrible monster. Joey and Rory’s story brings love and healing. Prayer and comfort to all of those who read their story. What a testimony of their lives and I think God is proud of that little family. They show courage and strength and faith and trust in the Almighty. God Bless you for sharing their story.

    1. Shannon

      Disagree with what? They are the most amazing couple and I love them to pieces. Their story is as touching and inspirational as it comes and I’ve been happy to share their journey on NashvilleGab up until now. The thing is, for me personally, I don’t feel comfortable any longer using what is going on in their life as story material. I didn’t mean any disrespect to anyone who has just recently discovered them and who has found their story helpful and inspirational in their own life; I was talking about all the people out there who I know are just reading because they’re waiting for her to die. I know that sounds horrible, but it’s the truth. I wholeheartedly encourage everyone who loves them to continue to follow them on Facebook and on Rory’s blog.


        Yeah but you did. Careful what you write and publish. You insulted a million people and Joey herself, trying to come across so stricken. Again, Shame. On. You.


    Shannon, I fully agree with your statements. Joey and Rory have a song on ITunes about saying goodbye. It is beautiful. My friends and I purchased it and would recommend it to everyone. None of us know what the future holds for us and we should always be compassionate and praying for those that go through what this couple are going through. Carrie contacted a fan and suggested we all remember them in our prayers (This is just one of the many reasons we love Carrie Underwood). So sad.


      Did you get the attention you are seeking? I had never heard of Joey or Rory until Rorys blog showed up on my facebook page just as yours did, I clicked it and they forever had a place in my prayers and heart. It doesn’t matter who was there first or last and for you to actually hint that it does is pathetic. So at least I certainly hope this attention seeking post which by the way is using them to get people to read your blog so its a pot meet kettle kind of thing, anyway I hope you are getting your attention..

      1. Shannon

        This wasn’t an attention seeking post in the least & I’m sorry that you feel that it was. I honestly think you’ve missed the point. I was just trying to be truthful as to why I wasn’t going to share any more of Rory’s posts or updates on Joey’s condition. It’s a personal choice. It’s not about who found them first or last or in between. That’s why I encourage everyone to continue to follow them on Facebook and on Rory’s blog. For me, it just seems like so many websites out there, including my own, are starting to share the updates for the wrong reasons. It’s not about updating fans on Joey’s condition for the sake of updating fans, it’s about being first to get the story out there because it’s a hot topic. Do you really think Us Weekly is sharing the story because they care about Joey? No, it’s because it’s pulling people’s heartstrings and bringing in readers. I’m glad that they forever have a place in your prayers and heart. They do in mine also. But because I respect them, I’ve decided to let them have their peace, at least from my site. If that makes you angry and you choose to read into this more than is meant, then that’s your problem.


          Yeah it was all about you. You wrote an article that is completely self serving and insulting to Joey and her newest admirers. Can’t backpedall this away.

          1. Shannon

            I’m sorry if you are angry. This wasn’t actually about you or any of Joey and Rory’s new or old fans who are following their story for the right reasons. I’ve been diligently updating every time Rory updated his blog and wanted to explain to my REGULAR readers why I wouldn’t be doing that any longer. You can think whatever the heck you want because I think you completely missed the point. Joey’s story has become a “hot” story to countless websites out there that never wrote a single thing about these two wonderful people until Joey decided to stop cancer treatment. Now that they’ve figured out that they can get more readers and followers out of the tragedy, they’re updating as much as possible as if they actually care what happens. It’s sad. Unfortunately, I came to the realization that I had maybe joined that club when I went to write my last update and found that I was trying to get the post written as quickly as possible so that I could share it before everyone else for maximum effect. That’s when I felt horrible and decided that I didn’t want to use Rory’s heartfelt blog posts for my own use any longer. It was as simple as that. You can moan and groan about it all you like and feel insulted, that’s fine, we’re all entitled to our own opinions. In the end, my only purpose with all of this was to try and be honest and admit something that was hard for me to admit out loud.


            Michelle, you are right in that it was Shannon’s choice not to write any more articles about Joey and Rory. However, you completely missed the reason of why she is not going to write articles again. Some (not all, and certainly not Shannon) sites write articles and blogs just to get the hits on their sites. Shannon is not doing that at all. I commend her for taking a stand and respecting Joey and Rory’s tragic, very personal and private story on her site. She did suggest to everyone to follow them on facebook for updates that Rory and Joey want to share with their fans and the public. , etc.. It is called “RESPECT”. Shannon, I respect you for choosing not to write any more articles concerning this matter. God bless and comfort Joey and Rory in their time of need.

    Diana Marriott

    I totally understand your position and why you don’t want to say anything more or to share Rory’s blog any longer. I love this couple…I love their music….I’ve prayed a lot for Joey. The tears have come and gone and then come again.. It’s a tough road, this cancer. It takes the very best and I wish I knew why but I don’t. I am waiting for a miracle of healing and how that takes place is entirely up to God and His capable hands. Either here on earth or in Heaven.

    1. Shannon

      Thank you.

    janet nave

    Respectful decision.


    I admire your stand on this, and couldn’t agree more! Thank you for your post! Love them, and you!

  7. aphilly@aol.comi'
    Annette gibson

    I admire your decision and totally understand your affection for this are the real deal and we don’t see that enough anymore. Thanks for your heartfelt decision.

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