Album Review: Chris Young “I’m Comin’ Over”


Sony Music Nashville recording artist Chris Young has been experiencing success for several years, beginning with his debut, self-titled project that climbed into the Top 3 on the charts. Since that 2006 release, Young has achieved several Number 1 hit songs, as well as countless chart-topping contenders that fell just shy of besting all the competition.

Now, Young has released his fifth full-length studio album, I’m Comin’ Over; a collection of songs that will give the beautiful vocalist and talented songwriter his taste of continued career milestones. The eleven-track offering contains songs that cover various tempos and topics, but all find commonality in one place: greatness. Ranging from the title track, which is currently on the hunt for top of the chart honors, to star-studded duets, to vulnerable ballads, Young takes this album as an opportunity to prove that he is one of the most viable artists in the genre.

I’m Comin’ Over can best be described as a compilation of love songs with a couple of outliers that celebrate different subject matters, including a perfectly sunny day and an ode to the underdogs. However, whether Young is baring his soul to a loved one, remembering the good times, trying to get through the bad times, or just having a great time, this artist is infectious on his new “impossible to skip a track” project.

Highlights on the album include Young’s two duets, “Think of You” and “Sober Saturday Night“, featuring 2016 tour mate Cassadee Pope and the iconic Vince Gill, respectively. Once again proving his vocal strength, Young is able to collaborate with one of the strongest female vocalists in the industry, even hitting notes over Pope’s incomparably high voice, on “Think of You”, the song that has been announced as Young’s second single off the album. Likewise, Young is able to beautifully blend with country music legend, Gill, on one of the most memorable songs in Young’s lengthy career-long catalog.

“I Know a Guy” is also a standout performer on I’m Comin’ Over, proving that Young is a far departure from the corner of music known as “Bro Country”. Young vulnerably offers his all to a woman who already has his heart, while demonstrating the type of mastered control that can only be found in a well-trained vocalist.

If you are expecting to pick up Chris Young’s I’m Comin’ Over and find another album with countless potential hits and radio-friendly contenders that will last well into his next project, you will not be disappointed. The fifth in Young’s studio album collection is the most well-rounded and poignant to date, displaying artistic growth and maturity, vocal consistency, and an acute understanding of what his fans are looking for in his music.

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