Listening to wolves sing along with these guys is probably the coolest thing you’ll hear today

Well you know what they say about music soothing the savage beast and all that.

Last week, Boing Boing had this amazing video of singer Shawn James and another musician playing their song American Hearts in the middle of a wolf sanctuary. The result is pretty goosebump inducing.

From the YouTube description:

We had so many awesome experiences during the Colorado tour. Not only was this the highlight of the trip, but one of the highlights in all of our lives. We got a chance to visit a private wolf sanctuary in Colorado, thanks to some awesome folks who hosted us in Fort Collins. Shawn and Baker covered this A.A. Bondy song in one of the enclosures. When the wolves all join in, I get goosebumps. Check out their website for info on how you can help, and be looking for a more in depth video about the whole refuge in the next couple days! This was only a small part of our time there.