Man blames Tim McGraw for dog’s broken leg, hopes to raise $5000 for medical bills


Meet Walter. Walter is a good dog. He loves to travel. He loves the Washington Redskins. He loves hot babes. Unfortunately, Walt is now a “f**king conehead” and it’s at least 50% Tim McGraw’s fault.

A reader pointed me in the direction of this tongue-in-cheek GoFundMe account that is hoping to raise $5000 to go toward’s poor Walt’s medical bills after he broke his leg.

On Saturday, Sept. 19, 2015 the adorable dog and instagram sensation, @WalterChilds broke his leg in a freak accident. On that morning, his owner purchased a new bike with a basket to ride around with Walter. When he put Walter in the basket to test it out, Walter got scared and jumped out, breaking his leg on impact.

After 3 days in the hospital, 2 plates, 4 screws, an embarassing cone and $5000 later, Walter is finally on the mend.

So how is this at least 50% Tim McGraw’s fault, you ask?

Well it seems Walt’s owner was supposed to go to a Tim McGraw concert in Irvine, California. Unfortunately, Tim canceled the show due to a “sore throat” so Walter’s owner decided to buy a bicycle now that he had some free time. That’s when Walt made the fateful decision to jump out of the basket on the newly purchased bicycle.

If he never cancelled the concert, Walter’s owner would have never bought the bike, with the basket that Walter jumped out of and Walter would still have 4 functioning legs… and would not be called a conehead by all the other dogs in the neighborhood. This whole thing is in large part ALL Tim McGraw’s fault.

Seems logical to me. Walt’s insurer (his owner) is now out $5000. He says that he did have the option of having the leg cut off to save some money, but that wouldn’t have looked cool so he went for the keep-the-leg option.

And I’m sure Walt thanks him.

I don’t know about you, but I think Tim McGraw should just foot the whole bill for Walter. As a sign of puppy goodwill, you know?

Check out the cute Walt-a-Thon video below and then if you have some spare change (and a sense of humor), you can head over to Walt’s GoFundMe account here and donate.