This is the perfect song for when you feel like a complete loser

Moonlight Social

Total loser days. We all have ’em. They’re those days when absolutely nothing goes right and everything that can go wrong does. Lucky for me, those sorts of days only happen on days that end with “y”.

Now there’s a song that’s perfect for all those sorts of days. Check out the new video for Moonlight Social’s Rub a Little Dirt On It. Trust me, it’ll make you feel better about your loser days.

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    Cute but so many duos now. Hard to break in.


      We’ve definitely noticed a rise in duos as well, though it seems like a lot of them kind of go for the folksy sound. When we started the group in 2010, both Sugarland and The Civil Wars were active. Unfortunately that’s not the case anymore, though we’ve always kind of pegged ourselves as a cross between the two. But we’re confident that we’ve got some new things to say in an interesting way : )

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