Shania Twain really, really likes her humidifiers

Shania Twain

Uh oh! Queen of country, Shania Twain, is being pegged a diva for her hotel rider demands.

Twain has a very, very specific list of what she wants and how she wants it, TMZ recently reported. “We got a hold of Shania’s hotel rider and it’s one of the more ridiculous ones we’ve ever seen”.

So what has TMZ calling Shania a hotel rider diva? For starters, she requests 7 humidifiers throughout her suite and she requests a late check-out. She wants 3 bouquets of only white or cream roses in the living room, bedroom and master bathroom of her suite. She specified lilies are NOT acceptable, neither are fillers like baby breath. She requests candles with a minimum of one in each room of her suite. She wants them naturally scented citrus, lavender or grapefruit and the candles should be made of soy, vegetable or beeswax.

For room service, she’s an ovo-lacto vegetarian which means – no meat, fish, or poultry (except she adds eggs and dairy to her diet). She wants at least 6 options for lunch and dinner if she decides to order.

So how does Shania make sure everything on her list is just perfect? Not surprisingly she sends in a personal assistant the day before.

Do these demands signify that she is a diva? She is fifty years old on this tour, traveling city to city, sometimes doing 3 or 4 shows in a week practically living in hotels.

As for these demands being “one of the more ridiculous ones we’ve ever seen” or making her “diva like”, I think a little more research needs to be done because I’ve seen some others through the years and Shania’s is nothing.

In her defense, I’d say, she is most likely just trying to give herself some comforts of home.

-Dustin A.

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    Damien White

    Very well written Dustin Adams..You could become a columnist yet 😛

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