Sara Evans Slays Sam Smith’s “Lay Me Down” (Watch!)


I would imagine if I sat in that Sara Evans audience that I would be mesmerized and staring incredulously at the stage, wondering what was going on and how so much beauty could possibly be emitted from one human. Sara posted on her YouTube that she chose to cover Sam Smith‘s “Lay Me Down” as part of her encore because of an experience she had at St. Jude‘s hospital in Memphis, Tennessee.

“I chose to add “Lay Me Down” by Sam Smith to my encore because the first time I heard the song it reminded me of visiting St. Jude Children’s Hospital in Memphis, TN last year. I had the honor of touring the hospital including a section where kids are in isolation because they are recovering from bone marrow transplants and their immune systems are so fragile. While they are in isolation the parents, no matter how young the child is, can have zero contact with him or her. We were told (and I’m crying as I’m typing this), that sometimes parents try to go in and lay with the child to comfort them and the nurses are required to call security to stop them, for everyone’s safety, especially the child’s. So when I heard “Lay Me Down,” I just immediately thought of that and how torturous it would be to not be able to lay by your child when they are sick. Every time I perform the song different parts make me choke up and I go flat or sharp on some of the notes because I’m trying so hard not to cry! That is truly why I adore music!” -Sara Evans

The song Sara shared is not just beautiful, it’s a hybrid of concert performance and Broadway moment, as the stunning artist fills the song with the passion of a stage actress and pours the emotion she speaks of in her YouTube quote into the tune. Watch one of the most spectacular Sara Evans moments to date in the video below.