Here’s Hoping That Sara Evans Gets a Little Bit Stronger


Poor Sara Evans! She has been touring the country, playing shows for oodles of fans, and garnering nothing but the highest of praise from show goers. Perhaps the singer-songwriter was born to fly, but Sara wasn’t able to prevent herself from going down when she tripped on her tour bus steps the other day.

Just another day on tour. Last night I fell down the bus steps and today my knee is HUGE and I’m crying in pain! Just left doc. Pray for my show tonight! #feelingsorryformyself @arealfineplace

We send our well wishes to Sara Evans and hope she continues to get a little bit stronger in the days to come.



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    Kim downs

    So sorry bout your fall,I’ll be praying for you. RollTide


    Shame on country for its no airplay for established females format. Thank goodness for Sirius The Highway. If I have to listen to that no-talent cupie doll Kelsea Ballerini one more time, I think I’ll throw up! Some of the new women are great. Cam, Claire Dunn for example. Maddie ad Tae’s cd is loaded with steel guitar and fiddle. The future is format like Sirius with its all encompassing new and established artist format, and true fan voted top 45, with artists and songs not played on selective, corruptive, country (joke of the year) radio.

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