Sam Hunt Gets Fired Up Over Break Up in New Video (Watch!)


Sam Hunt released his “Break Up in a Small Town” video today, showing just how fired up he is over the girl who broke his heart and found love again with somebody he knows. The video shows an emotionally distraught Sam trying to wrap his mind around the fact that the girl who got away ran straight into the arms of someone he knows well, considering they are from a place where everybody knows one another.

Blurring the girl’s face out to provide “anonymity” for the other party involved, the video takes fans on Sam’s painful journey as he cannot seem to escape seeing the new couple everywhere he goes. The constant reminder that the two are now together is like sticks rubbing together in Sam’s gut, creating a fire that eventually overcomes the heartbroken and leads him down the path of destruction.

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Watch the video below to see Sam get fired up — literally.

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