New Music Alert: Ryan Kinder “Tonight”


While you may have not heard of Ryan Kinder just yet, we suspect that will change very soon. The Alabama native is signed to Warner Brothers Nashville and will be spending this fall on tour alongside Jennifer Nettles and Brandy Clark as part of the Playing with Fire Tour.

Interestingly enough, his debut Warner Brothers single “Tonight” was released to iTunes back in 2013, followed by the great “Kiss Me When I’m Down.” The former song is now his official first single and is a safe, yet enjoyable, pop-country track.

The song is a mid-tempo piano-driven tune that allows Kinder’s voice to shine with it’s unique gravel and rock tone. Think a hint of Kip Moore, mixed in with the Calling’s Alex Band and American Idol’s David Cook. While the song deals with universal country music cliches like drunk dialing and late night loneliness, it’s elevated by Kinder’s voice, the “oh-oh-oh” backing vocals providing a catchy singalongable portion perfect for crowd participation during a live show.

While Ryan Kinder may be lonely “Tonight,” on the track, we suspect big things for this Alabama boy as he heads out on the road this fall and adds a boost of testosterone to the Nettles and Clark dynamic.

Listen to Ryan Kinder’s “Tonight” here!

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