Reba McEntire Spontaneously Serenades a Restaurant


As they say … when in Rome!

I have been waiting for this video to go public since the day Ronnie Dunn posted on Facebook that his good friend, Reba McEntire, stood up in a restaurant in Rome, Italy and sang, the whole thing was caught on camera, and it wouldn’t be shared until the Fancy red-headed superstar approved the release. Talk about a roller coaster of emotions beginning with excitement, to eagerness, to disappointment.


People is making Reba fans’ dreams come true today, as the publication got the exclusive release of the video, courtesy of Ronnie and Reba. Ronnie explained to People:

We were just eating and all having a good time and there was a whole table of young students from L.A. behind us. They broke out a great big bottle of grappa – it was huge! – and we were passing that around and before I know it, Reba was standing up singing.

Read the rest of the story and see the amazing video, courtesy of Ronnie Dunn, by clicking here.