Miranda Lambert Brings a Star to Help Uncover Her Star


Miranda Lambert celebrated a pretty monumental moment in her career today when she was presented with a star in Music City‘s coveted Walk of Fame Park. Of course, like any other artistic powerhouse, male or female, Miranda wanted to share the moment with someone close to her and commemorate the experience with a friend by her side.

Fellow country music superstar, Dierks Bentley, took on the role of Miranda’s support system this afternoon in Nashville, sitting next to her as the city honored the reigning ACM Female Vocalist of the Year and CMA Entertainer of the Year nominee. We love seeing these two forces sharing this special time together and congratulate Miranda on another incredible mile marker in a phenomenal career!

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Now, cue the silly, unfounded rumors.

Getting a star on the Music City Walk Of Fame today was such an honor! Thanks @dierksbentley for being there with me and the sweet words you said. Such a good friend! #cantmakeoldfriends #I❤️Nashville


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