Maiden Dixie Goes Back-to-Basics for “The Road”

St. Paul, MN-based country band Maiden Dixie released the video for their song, “The Road,” off their current album, Unsafe & Sound.

The video is mainly a performance piece, directed by Zack Dyer, but it does great job of introducing the band and provides a perfect setting for the song.

The song and the setting of the video fit each other perfectly. “The Road” is a ballad accompanied by mostly acoustic instrument except for a guitar solo later in the song, and a killer pedal steel part throughout. The setting is a country road somewhere in the outskirts of Minnesota, and there’s no question that a song like that could’ve had it roots on some front porch when the group was just hanging out and playing music for fun.

The video also captures the laid back vibe of the country, which can lead to some spontaneity such as the group having fun in between takes. There’s also a small moment where a guy on his riding lawnmower comes by in the middle of the shoot, and they all talk a while. It’s a moment that brought it all back to what country music has been about all along: real people.

Channing Hines’ vocal is great as well. She’s center stage, but her restraint shows her commitment to making sure the feeling of the song is delivered correctly.

It’s a great introduction to a band that has a lot to offer the world of country music.

You can find out more info on Maiden Dixie on their website at