Get to Girl Crushing on Karen Fairchild’s New Fashion Collection


Little Big Town‘s leading lady Karen Fairchild has become a fashion icon in her own right. Combining her love for fashion with her notoriety, Karen was inspired to launch her own fashion collection, appropriately called “Fair Child“.

Karen explained what fans of fashion and music can expect from the new line.

Fair Child is a blend of everything I love. It’s a collection of rich textures, details and embellishments in iconic pieces that are easy to wear, glamorous and affordable. These versatile pieces are made to be worn together through mixing, matching and layering. reports that Fair Child will include “a fusion of sexy, bold pieces” with a vintage vibe and embellished with studs, embroidery, and sequins. Evine’s Chief Strategy Officer, ecstatic about the relationship with Karen, shared:

We’re always looking to offer our customers product and personalities reflective of what’s hot and, in the world of country music, there are very few artists who are as relevant today as Karen Fairchild. Karen has worked closely with our team from the beginning, directing almost every aspect of the collection’s design. We’re excited to add Fair Child to our growing proprietary fashion business.

Fair Child will become available on October 27th, and will give fans a first peek of the collection the night of the 27th. Watch the video below to hear what Karen Fairchild has to say about her new endeavor.

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