By the Way, Lindsay Ell Is Performing a 24 Hour Concert


Broken Bow recording artist Lindsay Ell is doing what no woman has done before. She is performing a twenty-four hour concert outside in Nashville to promote her new single “By the Way“. Fans can find Lindsay on the corner of 3rd and Broadway (outside the Opry Originals Store) until 11pm tonight, singing songs, greeting fans, and sharing the spotlight with some musician friends. Oh, and as if this event wasn’t cool enough already, all tips Lindsay receives will be donated to the Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital.

Make sure to follow Lindsay Ell on Twitter so you can see all the updates related to her uniquely awesome single promotion event, as well as to lend her support to help her pull through this long day. Also, considering the marathon show she is doing and the selfless donation of tips, go ahead and give her the gift of a “By the Way” download on iTunes by clicking here.

Are you heading out to visit Lindsay today? If so, tweet us your photos @NashvilleGab. We will be visiting her later and can’t wait to show her the support she deserves!