Lee Brice “Alive Event” Brings Buffalo Wild Wings Full Circle


MTV. That’s what played on the big screens of your local Buffalo Wild Wings during the company’s infancy. They didn’t start showing games until people started asking them to change the channel in the 1980s. Since then, they’ve been the go-to restaurant for friends to get together and cheer on their favorite teams.

Recently, however, the company came full circle when they put together one of their “Alive Events” for Cassie Huether, a big college football fan and Lee Brice fan.

Buffalo Wild Wings’ “Alive Events” are a way of giving a fan an experience they’ll never forget. Past experiences have involved Green Bay Packer Jordy nelson showing up at a Green Bay BWW to surprise a fantasy football league while they were drafting, and Hines Ward played a fan in Madden NFL 16 at the launch party.

“You look for people that will create a good story,” Bob Ruhland, BWW’s vice president of marketing, told NashvilleGab recently over the phone.

The company came across Huether tweeting about her love of both Lee Brice and college football, and also found out she was a big Buffalo Wild Wings fan as well. So they decided to do something special for her.

Huether’s “Alive Event” it started out with a surprise trip that sent her and a friend on a plane to the iHeartRadio Music Festival in Las Vegas, and it just happened to be the first time Huether had been on a plane. But that wasn’t all. She had no idea that a private concert from Lee Brice, who also played a year of football at Clemson, had been set up for her on his tour bus.

“He sang ‘A Woman Like You’ and ‘Crazy Girl,’ two songs that really resonated with Cassie,” Ruhland said.

Afterwards they finished the experience with a stop at the Buffalo Wild Wings Lounge inside the festival to hang out and watch some college football.

College football and country music. There’s a song in there somewhere.