LeAnn Rimes insists she’s not an evil stepmom

LeAnn Rimes and family - Instagram

At the beginning of LeAnn Rimes’ marriage to Eddie Cibrian, it seemed like every day there were countless stories in the media about LeAnn’s very public arguments and Twitter wars with Eddie’s ex, Brandi Glanville. Of those stories, it seemed a very large part of them involved Eddie’s children, Mason and Jake. Skip ahead four years and things finally seem to have calmed down (or people are just not paying as much attention). Now LeAnn is speaking up about misconceptions involved in being a stepmom.

“I ignore everything that (Brandi) puts up on Twitter,” LeAnn told Britain’s Closer magazine (comments via xpose.ie). “This is real life and it’s not about Twitter or a reality show. This is our life and I take being a stepmom seriously. I love the boys like they’re my own and they live with us half the time.

“There is a sad stigma when it comes to stepmoms and there is kind of this ‘wicked stepmom’ tag. There is no handbook. What it comes down to is that the kids are loved and cared for.”

As a stepmom myself, I never came across a real stigma involved, but it definitely was difficult to find the right balance of wanting to be involved and being too involved in someone else’s children’s lives. Hopefully LeAnn has found the right balance.

LeAnn’s new Christmas album, Today Is Christmas, is in stores now.

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