Lauren Alaina Releases History-Making Worthy EP


Lauren Alaina recently returned to the forefront of country music, releasing her first single since 2013, “Next Boyfriend“. Immediately after the drop date of the catchy new tune, Lauren elated fans with the announcement of four more tracks that would appear alongside “Next Boyfriend” on an EP.

Lauren Alaina, the EP, contains five tracks that spotlight the Universal artist’s gorgeous voice that won America over many years ago. Apart from her unmistakably breathtaking talent, Lauren continues to exude the most confidence we have seen from the young artist, creating a thematic scheme in her new tracks that mirrors her personal growth.

Aptly beginning with the inspirational “Road Less Traveled”, Lauren lets fans in on a little secret — she is cut from her own mold and prefers to do what feels right for her, rather than what seems to be the route for everybody else. Encouraging others to do the same and “show what you got and just own it,” Lauren kicks her newest project off with a confidently matured bang. Strategically, the EP likewise concludes with “History,” another song that inspires perseverance and fight, sandwiching a hybrid of vulnerability and strength in between.

“Holding the Other” and “Next Boyfriend” share mid-tempo groovy vibes with lyrics that emit independence, laced with a ribbon of softness that allows Lauren to show that she is very much her own person, but is guided by her heart and yearns to share herself with another. Listeners will be hard pressed to not tap their toes, bob their heads, and sing along with these tracks that envelope Lauren’s entire being, from personality to musical talent.

The highlight of Lauren Alaina, and perhaps of her whole catalog thus far, is the powerful, smooth, bluesy ballad “Painting Pillows”. A song that tugs at your heartstrings as a slow, sad sound escapes from the guitar strings, “Painting Pillows” paints the picture of the emotional aftermath of a devastatingly difficult breakup. With so many hugely talented females bursting from the seams with the voices of angels and range that lasts for days, Lauren Alaina reminds the industry with “Painting Pillows” that she exceeds all boundaries set before and is ready to leave her overdue mark on the history books.

Lauren Alaina, the EP, is a must-have for any country music fan who appreciates a catchy melody, well-written lyrics, wild passion, and award-worthy vocals. Click the cover art below to download five of the best tracks that you will add to your collection this year.



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    Lauren is an amazing talent and her vocals are out of sight. If you haven’t seen her on stage, you need to make the effort. She is as good on stage as she is in the studio.

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