Kelsea Ballerini Admits She Once “Stalked” Kelly Clarkson


One of our favorite things about Kelsea Ballerini is that she’s a fangirl just like us. She isn’t afraid to let her fan flag fly and opened up to PEOPLE about one particularly fangirly moment during this week’s Musicians on Call concert.

Kelly Clarkson is my favorite artist of all time. I actually stalked her after a show and knocked on the door of her tour bus. She came out and was very kind. In hindsight, I should not have done that. Hopefully, I get to meet her again tonight and make a better second impression.

Unfortunately for Kelsea, Kell-C was a no-show at the event due to illness, but now that Queen Clarkson is following her on Twitter, we suspect Kelsea to call “Dibs” on a second chance to not be creepy.